Svend has been a public figure around our charity, the Enham Trust, as the Co Chair of the Partnership Board and even making an appearance at the House of Commons! He is a real asset to the […]


Lizzie broadcasts two slots on the radio every week showcasing her outgoing and vibrant personality. Being part of Radio Enham has meant that she can be accepted on an even playing field, no one sees her […]

Jo H

Jo H Was adamant when she joined the radio station that she was only going to do research, as she was quite shy. A few months on, Jo is now broadcasting twice a week and her confidence is […]


Shaun Is a regular face at the radio station and Enham and has been involved in the radio since the idea formed in 2011.   He has come on leaps and bounds, having overcome his fear […]


Tim Being part of the Radio Enham team, Tim has transformed in to a bright, talkative and active DJ along with the rest of the team. Tim loves it so much he has a weekly fixture […]

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