Andy L

Andy L broadcasts Monday to Friday, from 1-2, bringing you a diverse range of hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

He is an enthusiastic member of the Radio Enham team and loves to munch on the biscuit stash with a cup of coffee in hand! He's always around in the mornings before his lunch hour on air to visit and support the rest of the team. He broadcasts an hour a day and on Friday afternoons where he is known as 'Big Bear' and is part of the 'Three Amigos and Sue'. Andy L also works for EPAS (Enham Packing and Storage) which demonstrates his further dedication to the Enham Trust as a whole. "I've made so many friends at Radio Enham and love working with all the guys!" Who is your favourite music artist?: Gary Moore Who would your dream interview be with?: Mother Teresa What has been your highlight at Radio Enham so far?: Joining a group of fun loving people!