Lizzie broadcasts two slots on the radio every week showcasing her outgoing and vibrant personality.

Being part of Radio Enham has meant that she can be accepted on an even playing field, no one sees her disability. She broadcasts 3 times a week, making her one of the most frequent voices heard on Radio Enham and is particularly recognisable on Loose Wheels when she 'gets on her soap box' and discusses issues close to her heart! When she's not on air, Lizzie volunteers at a local primary school and book store. She's also writing her very own children's book and is engaged to another Radio Enham DJ Martin! Date to be announced! "Radio Enham has released my potential, I love getting my teeth into meaty subjects!" What is your favourite song?: Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody Who would your dream interview be with?: Freddie Mercury if he hadn't sadly past in 1991. What's been your highlight at Radio Enham so far?: Getting on my soap box like I do in Loose Wheels! Shaun, Adrian and Martin look at each other and say, 'RUN!'