Regular Features

(Image from: 123RF) Regular Features The Breakfast Show Part of our regular features, every morning from 9am to 10am, Radio Enham will be waking you up with lively tunes and   light-hearted discussion so that you're energised for the rest of […]

Modelling with a Difference

(Image from: Grazia Daily) Modelling with a difference. Being physically attractive is at the forefront of every magazine and television programme, models with disabilities seem few and far between. But recently, despite the 'Top Model' franchise still smashing ratings all over […]

Enham's Story

This is Enham's Story. Enham was originally named the Enham Village Centre it was built as a rehabilitation centre for injured soldiers returning from World War I.  Due to the mass amount of casualties, it was […]

Phone Apps for Disabled People

Phone Apps for disabled people. Designed to benefit disabled people with access to smart phones... these downloadable phone applications  are so useful, we’re constantly finding more that we think you should know about! These phone apps for disabled people […]

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