Adrian's day at Newbury Racecourse

On Saturday 22nd July, Sam, two carers and I decided to go for a day trip out, and our destination was Newbury Racecourse. This was more than just a day out watching and betting on horses, hoping to win! The reason for this is because the fantastic Jess Glynne was also scheduled to play a concert, in the afternoon once the races had finished.

Our day started at 11:15, where we were up and ready to leave, we arrived at Newbury Racecourse at about 12:10, just on time. On arrival we were welcomed to premier parking! This was right in the middle of the racecourse and gave us easy access to the premises. As soon as we got in, the races started, and I was feeling lucky. I decided to place a bet on some horses, but unfortunately it wasn’t my day, as none of my horses were winners.

Shortly after our first round of watching and betting on the races, we went for a bit of lunch, which was amazing! I treated myself to a big juicy cheeseburger and some chips, happy days!

We then went back for a final watch of the last races, and then made our way to the grandstand! This is where we were lucky enough to sit, ready to watch the amazing Jess Glynne.

Finally at about 5:10pm she came on stage, ready to kick off the concert we was all waiting for. I had so much fun, singing along to all of her songs with my friends and carers, including one of my favourites, ‘Hold my hands’.

Thankfully throughout the show the weather also improved, which made it even better. After a fantastic day out, we eventually arrived back home at about 8:30pm, I was knackered, but had one of the greatest days ever!