Disabled Cbeebies presenter tells her story

Children's TV presenter Cerrie Burnell has written and is starring in a play for young audiences about a girl with one hand, inspired by her own childhood. Burnell, known simply as Cerrie in the cosy world of Cbeebies, has been entertaining small children on the small screen for four years. The fact that one of her arms ends at the elbow has never been remarked upon on air. It is just, well, one of those things. Now she is on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe with a show that makes it central to the story. In The Magical Playroom, Burnell portrays a young girl called Liberty Rose who loves playing with her prosthetic arm - the only problem is, she hates actually wearing it. "I think it's really important to champion inclusion and that's something I try to do in all my work," Burnell says. The play may be about a girl with one hand, but Burnell says the child is really no different to any other girl. "The play engages with a much broader topic, which is challenging parental authority, which all children know how to do," she says. Burnell herself was born with part of her right arm missing and says she was "made" to wear a prosthetic arm by doctors until she was nine. "It was part of my school uniform really, I only wore it to school and I'd take it off when I got home," she recalls. The Magical Playroom is at the Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh until the 18th of August.