Jo’s hopes for the new café and training kitchen

Radio Presenter & DJ here at Radio Enham, Jo, is always looking for her next challenge alongside her work on the radio; and now there’s a new café and training kitchen opening at Enham Trust later on in the year, Jo thinks she’s found it!

Here, she tells us about her hopes to start working in the new café, and what it means to her…

“I’m an Accountant’s daughter, so I’m used to working with numbers and money; I like the thought of being behind a counter.

“I love a challenge! Working in a café is not something I’ve done before, but I would like to gain new skills and work experience.

“The new café and training kitchen at Enham Trust is ideal for me – I need certain facilities in order to go about my working day; like lowered or rise & fall work surfaces – which the café has.

“I’m excited about the opportunities the new café and training kitchen brings, and hope I can start soon.”

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