Jo's trip to Southampton

Jo is a regular client on Radio Enham, presenting shows throughout the week including “Loose Wheels”, alongside her fellow friends and DJ’s. The radio helps Jo become more confident, and also helps bring out her true personality while presenting on the shows.  In her spare time, Jo also likes to take some respite care, and recently took two weeks away in Southampton.

“On the 8th July, I went to stay in Southampton for a whole 2 weeks. This was for respite, which I usually do at least once a year, and enjoy it so much!”

“During my time here I was lucky enough to experience lots of fun memories, and travelled around with a carer a lot of the time on days out, using buses to get around the city, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be too, so that was nice.”

“One of my favourite things I did while I was there was visit the fantastic Titanic Museum, on Sunday 16th July. There were so many amazing things to see in the museum, from the Titanic too. One of the best parts was when we went in to a section that played loads of voices and noises, which actually made me, feel like I was on the Titanic. It was very surreal to experience.”

“I also saw one of the bells from the Titanic ship, which some divers managed to recover and bring to the museum, as well as lots of other really interesting things. The day out was with 2 – 3 other people and carers, so it was really enjoyable.”

“I also got the chance to visit Drusillas Zoo Park, which is basically a zoo with lots of entertainment. They had face painting there to, so we all thought it would be funny to get that done. I got a pirate painted on my face, which was hilarious. I hope I didn’t scare anybody!”

“I’m already looking forward to visiting again soon; I had such a great time with everyone that I spent my time with while I was there.”

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