Remembering Jo

We were saddened by the news that our Radio Presenter and DJ, Jo E., had passed away in November. Jo had been a client of Enham Trust since the late 90’s, and a member of the Radio Enham team since it began in 2011.

The team at the radio were very close with Jo, and remember her fondly, here:

Lizzie from Radio Enham had the following to say about Jo:

“I remember one of the first times I saw Jo was in an Enham Trust play in drama; she was playing the part of Cinderella, and she played it so well, with great happiness and enthusiasm. This summed up her personality perfectly, Jo was always so happy, even if she wasn’t having the best of days.”

“At first, Jo would always come across shy, but once she got to know you, only laughter, jokes and lots of dancing to songs on the radio followed. Jo was always able to cheer people up, and we will miss her greatly.”

Jo H., also a member of Radio Enham, says Jo was always smiling:

“I remember Jo always had a smile on her face, whenever she turned up to the radio, it created a fun atmosphere! We used to always joke about, playing our favourite songs while singing and dancing in the studio.”

“We all remember the day we got told about Jo’s passing, obviously we was all extremely upset, and was told we didn’t have to work on the radio that day if we didn’t want to. However we all came together, and decided to still work on the radio, as we knew that’s what Jo would have wanted. We played lots of happy music in memory of her.”

Jo E. was a truly treasured member of Radio Enham, and she will be missed by all of us. Her memories will live on through everyone at the radio, and inspire them to continue doing great things in and out of the studio.

In Memory of Jo E.