Shaun's fundraising skydive

Presenter and DJ at Radio Enham, Shaun, tells all about his most memorable moment during his time at Enham Trust – taking part in a skydive to raise funds for Radio Enham.

Here, he tells us all about this unique experience:

“I did my skydive on 18th September 2014; I was supposed to do it in August that year, but it was cancelled twice because the weather was bad.

“I chose to do it, not only because it was something I’d always wanted to do, but also so I could raise money for Enham Trust and Radio Enham.

“Due to the fact I have a disability, I had to go through a lot of health & safety checks, and Doctors appointments, before I could do it. It took about a year of planning and fundraising! But it was so worth it.

“When I was fundraising, one of the PAs in the care homes agreed to have their head shaved, and I held a raffle, too. Altogether, I raised £1922 before the jump.

“I jumped with the Red Devils in Salisbury, who have a lot of experience of working with people with disabilities.

“I remember the day of my skydive so well; it was a Thursday, and I was so nervous, I could hardly eat my breakfast – I only had a little bit!

 “We left the house at 7.30am to get there for 8.30am, when I was given some training, and a risk assessment. They made me wear a funny hat and googles.

“Although I was really nervous, I was so excited! Skydiving is something I’d wanted to do for such a long time, and after a year of planning and fundraising, it couldn’t come soon enough.

“My family and some of my friends came all the way down from Newcastle to watch me jump which meant a lot to me.

“After lunch came my turn to jump! There were 28 people in this tiny plane, and I was the first one out! That made me even more nervous.

“When we were getting ready to jump – I did mine in tandem with a guy called Nathan – I was sat on the edge of the plane for a few seconds, and at that point I felt sick. We were 13000ft up!

“Then, we jumped. It was amazing! It was the most fantastic experience. I could see birds, and houses, and people below us. I felt free.

“When I got to the ground, everyone rushed to help me as quickly as possible; get me up and get me back in my wheelchair. The Red Devils were fantastic with me, and knew exactly what to do to make me feel safe.

“My family were so proud of me – they bought me a DVD of the skydive, and I got a certificate from the Red Devils, too.

“I watch the DVD all the time! I absolutely loved every second of it, and would love to do it again.

“I’m so glad I’ve done it, and I can say that. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for my PA, who helped me organise the skydive, the fundraising, and stayed with me the whole day of the jump.

“After the jump, the funds I raised were split between Enham Trust generally, and Radio Enham; 50/50. I helped buy new equipment for the Radio, which I’m proud of.

“To anyone thinking of doing a fundraising skydive I’d say: Just do it! Have a go. It’s a fantastic experience.

“Honestly, though, it’s an experience I couldn’t have had without the support of Enham Trust – it was unique.”