Shaun's story

“I started at Radio Enham in 2011, when the radio was first launched. I was 1 of 4 people – the ‘founders’ of the radio – who did a full 2 weeks of training on all of the equipment; I got a certificate and everything.

“When I came to Enham Trust 9 years ago, I was very shy and couldn’t talk to anyone – but when Radio Enham came along, it made my speech better, and made me feel much more confident; now, I don’t stop talking!

“If I had to pick only 2 elements of working at Radio Enham that have raised my confidence, and helped me to overcome my shyness, they would be:

Being on air: knowing I have to talk on the radio on certain days, and at certain days, pushed me out of my comfort zone in a really positive way.

Conducting interviews: knowing I have to talk to people in the studio – interviewing people – helped me, not only to find my voice, but to make friends.

“We all have such a good time at Radio Enham; we work as a team, chat together, and have fun – it’s definitely the part I like most.

“Being part of the radio for so long, these days I train others on how to use the equipment. I do that every Wednesday morning.

“If anyone reading this is interested in becoming part of the radio, my advice to you would be: do it, get in touch and come and speak to us. I would recommend the experience to anyone!”